PLITRON has a research team dedicated to improving and expanding toroidal technology. We engage in fundamental research and have developed new methods to quantify and enhance transformer performance.

NBTNBT power transformers substantially attenuate differential and common mode noise, eliminating requirements for external circuits such as low-pass filters.


IMINPLITRON’s Imintm technology reduces in-rush currents to ¼ of standard toroids. This eliminates the need for soft-start circuits, relays, PTCs or large breakers.

Imin tm Low Inrush Technology solves both standard in-rush and Phase Hop without core gapping. We have successfully implemented this technology for many industries, but especially in Power Conditioning products with battery back-up (UPS).

LONOLONOTM technology effectively eliminates any audible noise in the power transformer regardless of line conditions, including DC offset and over-voltage. PLITRON can quantify and specify noise performance to NC (noise criterion) standard curves.


LOSTRAYToroidal transformers are typically 1/10th the magnetic field of standard EI transformers. LoSTRAYTM technology further reduces magnetic emissions from the transformer without the use of shields, or “belly-bands”.

LISTUST is a highly effective electrostatic screen which capacitively couples high frequency noise to ground while maintaining the best possible inter-winding transfer at power frequencies.

3phase2PLITRON’s Hybrid 3-Phase TechnologyTM offers significant benefits over existing conventional EI 3-Phase transformers. The technology has been awarded a patent – Canadian Patent Serial No: 2,486,767 “Three Phase Transformer with Dual Toroidal Flux Return Path”. Also, International Patent Application has been published under reference #PCT/CA2006/056057. More information> PLITRON is interested in developing this product above 80kV. Please send inquiries to techinfo@plitron.com


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