High Frequency Magnetics

Plitron offers full engineering design services and manufacturing resources for all toroidally wound magnetic devices. High frequency magnetics are custom designed.

We can work with a broad range of materials, dependent on the application, and have access to the latest developments and most recent core technology.

When working up to 400 Hz, standard tape wound grain oriented steel cores usually offer the best value. As frequency rises, material choices include tape wound cores materials available in a variety of magnetizing slopes such as Ornathol, Permalloy, Mumetal, and more. Typical applications would be coils as saturable reactors, magnetic amplifiers, switching devices, and power inverters.

We can also work with toroidal ferrite cores, offering high magnetic efficiency, available at various perm ranges, and can be used in a range of 25 to 750 KHz.  Typical applications for high permeability toroids, 5,000µ J material and 10,000µ W material, include common mode chokes, broadband transformers, pulse transformers and current transformers.  Special sizes are available in 5,000 J material for Ground Fault Interrupter (GFCI) applications.  900µ L material, 2,300µ R material, 2,500µ P material, and 3,000µ F material are excellent choices for high frequency transformers.

Plitron can design with various grades of powder cores, as well as air cores, and will select the best material for the application.


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