Commercial Isolation Toroidal Transformer Design Considerations

Plitron OEM Medical Isolation transformers are designed to customer specifications.Consult with Plitron engineers for design and Picture10technical information.(Also, see Section on General Toroid Design Considerations) If the type you need is not covered in our standard line, below is intended a design guide when writing specs for power transformers for medical isolation. Plitron OEM transformers are designed to customer specifications. Consult with Plitron engineers for design and technical information.


These are engineered to offer long-term reliability, while operating for extended periods daily under any line or load condition, and capable to supply peak power continuously under any line or load conditions. Commercial grade toroids are application specific and typically designed to work at full capacity.

They are intended to be used in commercial applications such as isolation, step-uptoroid1 or step-down; and to drive lighting, machinery, appliances, and many more applications.

By default, we design them to operate at high temperatures, thus are not typically intended to operate in consumer products, nor installations into portable or plug-in equipment, or any location where high temperature is a concern. Although commercial grade transformers are custom designed for any power application, we do not typically assume this design approach where magnetic field containment, tight regulation, or temperature rise are design criteria.

Factory default specs for standards Standard Power, Medical and PC mount lines may be useful as a guideline when specifying a custom commercial grade transformer.


Outdoor Compatibility Available – Plitron’s in-house approvals include outdoor installations, and we can supply approved insulation systems of UL Class A (105°C), B (130°C), F (155°C), and H (180°C)

Can Work In Harmonic Rich Environments – Commercial Transformers can be designed to operate into rich harmonic conditions, as are becoming commonplace in the power grids and especially in industrial locations. Isolation transformers using Plitron’s NBT (narrow bandwidth technology) can remove and prevent unwanted frequencies from entering the secondary side, and clean up the power for ensuing devices. This may present a better solution that a K-type transformer.

High Power Ratings Available – As Commercial Transformers can be driven to the theoretical limit of their insulation system rating, it would be possible to rate them at higher power levels than cooler transformers. Plitron engineers can determine an optimum design, and the result is greater VA / unit of cost.

Low Offline Losses Reduce Power Consumption – Commercial grade transformers are an excellent choice for power distribution installations for low or intermittent duty cycle applications. Plitron can design to take full advantage of the toroidal core to lower exciting current and consume less power. (See also Plitron’s Three Phase transformers)


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