Toroidal Chokes for Tube Applications

Plitron Toroidal Transformers
High quality inductors for tube applications complement PLITRON’s power and output transformers.

Like the other PLITRON tube audio transformers, these units are encapsulated in spun aluminum cases with textured black finish.

Toroidal architecture brings many of the same advantages to inductors as it does for power transformers. Inductors are common in analog and signal processing applications.

When used in conjunction with capacitors, they form an LC filter circuit, to remove DC fluctuations after rectification in power supplies.

Hi-B electrical steels used in toroidal cores are classified as ‘square-loop’ materials, thus they are linear in operation and exhibit high saturation levels. However, the knee of the curve is abrupt and becomes non linear, and above that point can be driven into saturation – especially when used in DC filtering applications.

Short form specifications are shown below. For full, individual spec sheets, in pdf, click part number buttons.

Short Form Specs

Type Inductance Current  Resistance Voltage Size (OD x H)

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Part No

PAT4171 C-L-C 20H 50mA DC 50 ohm 100mm x 50mm
PAT4172 C-L-C 10H 100mA DC 50 ohm 100mm x 50mm
PAT4173 C-L-C 10H 200mA DC 50 ohm 100mm x 50mm
PAT4174 C-L-C 10H 400mA DC 20 ohm 140mm x 80mm
PAT4175 C-L 10H 50mA DC 450Vrms 100mm x 50mm
PAT4176 C-L 10H 100mA DC 50 ohm 100mm x 50mm
PAT4177 C-L 10H 200mA DC 50 ohm 125mm x 65mm
PAT4178 C-L 10H 400mA DC 30 ohm 140mm x 80mm