About Plitron Manufacturing


Plitron Manufacturing Inc, an ISO 9001:2015 company, was established in 1983.

Plitron TransformersPlitron specializes in research, design, development and manufacturing of toroidal transformers and toroidal based products.  Plitron’s most recent developments include VREMS energy saving systems for lighting; MEDISO power isolation units for medical and industrial applications, and toroidal stators for wind-turbines.

Efficiency.  The toroidal transformer is inherently more efficient than  other transformer type –  vitally important in today’s environment with the demands for ever cleaner and greener power.  Plitron has taken the already efficient toroidal transformer and developed new technologies to raise the performance level to a higher standard.

news2_medPlitron’s proprietary toroidal technologies (LONO low noise – Plitron has a reputation for designing and producing the quietest  transformers in the world,  LOSTRAY low stray field,  IMin low in-rush currentNBT narrow band technology)  have enabled development of  higher performance and more efficient toroidal power products.

Plitron’s constant innovation and engineering expertise has resulted in major OEM clients from around the world working with Plitron to find solutions to power problems.  Plitron toroidal transformers are widely specified and preferred for demanding applications in audio, medical, broadcast, telecommunications, computer, power conditioning, UPS, energy, and other industrial sectors.plitron999

Research, development, engineering, design. prototype activities and full manufacturing facilities are maintained in Plitron’s Toronto, Canada headquarters. To meet the increasing global demands for toroidal transformers, products, and technologies, Plitron has developed global manufacturing capability for higher volume, lower cost products under Plitron’s strict quality control and supervision.

Plitron offers standard products for power supply, medical isolation, and audio applications which can be ordered and shipped anywhere. More than 400 standard products are available in our sister website, Shop Plitron.


Plitron Manufacturing Inc, an ISO 9001:2015 company, was established in 1983. Plitron specializes in research, design and more - Read more ...